Family Tree Mystery

A compilation of Bond-Slocum/Anderson-Gummow data and all that link together.

Rockford, Ilinois - 1946

Barbara Bond-Slocum at possibly a first communion in Rockford


Welcome to our family history page. This data is a compilation of work from my sister-in-laws families Becky Anderson-Stutzel and my family of Bond-Slocum. In addition, anyone that links to members within.

It is our hope that with this page we can have family help in fill in missing information, correcting errors, posting and updating current and old photos, and just enjoying browsing the data.

The site was picked as a generic name and also because most family tree are just that, a "Mystery". There are MANY photos and people that we may have and we do not know who the people are. On the upper right is a menu "Info" with a "Most Wanted" area. This will be for people in photos and individuals we are looking for information on. If you see any information that looks incorrect please let us know. If you see something that should not be shown then please let us know ASAP and we can check to see why it is being shown and hopefully turn it off or remove the data from this site.

If you would like to help you can request a login by clicking the "LOGIN" above. Then at that bottom there is a link to request a new login. Once completed I will get an email and will approve it ASAP. Once approved, it will send an email with your login and password, the password can be changed to whatever you like.

Anyways, enjoy and I hope you send lots of data to fill in the blanks.

Data to Share?

If you have data to share I can take any form of document or GEDCOM export. and Family Tree Maker do not export properly but I can work with you to get the data.